The Tsunami Token Economy Explained

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Tsunami is a Decentralised Cryptocurrency gaming platform that leverages the Metaverse to develop Play-To-Earn Games and NFTs Powered by the BSC and Avalanche Blockchains.

Tsunami Tokenomics

  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 WIND
  • Community Rewards: 40,000,000 WIND (40%)
  • Initial Liquidity: 15,000,000 WIND (15%)
  • Token Sale: 20,000,000 WIND (20%)
  • Ecosystem Growth: 15,000,000 WIND (15%)
  • Team: 8,000,000 WIND (8%)
  • Advisors/Partners: 2,000,000 WIND (2%)

Token Sale Details

Only 20,000,000 WIND tokens (20% of the total supply) would ever be offered for sale and below are the most important details about the sale and immediate aftermath:

  1. 3,000,000 WIND or approximately 3% of the total supply would be offered for sale in our private sale at an initial price of $0.015 per token.
  2. 17,000,000 WIND or approximately 17% of the total supply would be offered in our public sale at an initial price of $0.025 per token.
  3. 50% of the private sale token would initially be unlocked upon distribution with the remaining 50% subject to a 3 months cliff and 3 months linear vesting.
  4. 60% of funds raised would be used to create initial liquidity in a decentralized exchange.
  5. All unsold tokens would be burned and permanently removed from circulation.

Locking and vesting schedules

We researched the market extensively and decided that the best method of unlock would be linear vesting, this ensures that a large amount of tokens is not unlocked at the same time and has proven to be an effective anti-price dump mechanism and that is why we have decided to implement that in Tsunami to safeguard against future major token unlocks and dumps. Below is the vesting schedule for the Tsunami Token(WIND).

  • Private Sale Tokens: subject to 3 months cliff and 3 months linear vesting.
  • Public Sale Tokens: 100% unlocked (No Vesting).
  • Community Rewards: 30 months linear vesting.
  • Ecosystem Growth: 6 months Cliff, 12 months linear vesting.
  • Initial Liquidity: 100% unlocked (No Vesting).
  • Team Tokens: 6 months Cliff, 12 months linear vesting.
  • Advisors/Partner Tokens: 6 months Cliff, 12 Months linear vesting.

After the sales, if the sale target is fully met, there would be an initial supply of 18.5m WIND tokens with a marketcap of $462,500.

To learn more about Tsunami or to stay updated on our latest news and events, kindly connect with us in our social accounts or community:





Tsunami is an BSC and Avalanche centric Decentralised gaming and NFT hub.

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